Nadal’s 1st Signature Racquet

Soon, you too will be able to swing with the success and stamina of living tennis legend, Rafael Nadal! Well, at least, you’ll be able to own a version of the racquet that Nadal has been all but glued to across 20 Grand Slam singles titles and years of wins…

Babolat, a French manufacturer of high quality tennis racquets, has decided to partner up with a familiar swing out on the court. For nearly two decades, Rafael Nadal has sworn by his Babolat Pure Aero. First crafted in 2005, this thick and yet aerodynamic frame is complemented by a wide string pattern. This highlights Nadal’s style exponentially. And now, it can highlight yours — with Rafael Nadal’s signature branding sported on the racquet to motivate your plays!

But it’s not all about Nadal. This racquet is a powerhouse in its own right, which comes as no surprise given its incredible performance perks. Worldwide, one Babolat Pure Aero is sold every two minutes. If you give one a shot yourself, the mystery behind ‘why’ that is will cease to exist. The proof is in the swing — and the score.

Aaron Umen is a Tennis Coach, Player and Enthusiast. He is an aspiring entrepreneur with additional interests in volunteering & nonprofits.