Tennis Pro gives back to a local HS team…

Good news for the Vernon HS tennis team!

A court is at the center of every tennis match — literally. And although practicing on court isn’t always necessary, it certainly feels much more natural in perfecting a tennis player’s form. Unfortunately, at Vernon High School, their homecourt has no nets… But that’s about to change.

Thanks to a generous donation, the Vernon High School tennis team is receiving a major upgrade! Although the team has a home tennis court, it’s completely without nets.. And painted like a football field. Dwindling sports program funding has pushed the tennis team’s needs further and further down the list each year.

Recently, the Vernon High School tennis team traveled to Tallahassee for a major match. During their visit from Vernon, Golden Eagle Country Club Tennis Pro Allen Long noticed that the players were working with some pretty outdated equipment… So Allen came up with a plan and, to his excitement, Babolat rep Tim Miles was eager to join in.

Now, the Vernon Tennis Team has been gifted all new equipment, including brand new Babolat racquets, tennis balls and apparel for training and competitions. Golden Eagle Country Club also expressed interest in helping the team to finally construct their own home court. What wonderful sportsmanship from Allen Long, Tim Miles and the Golden Eagle crew — well done!



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Aaron Umen

Aaron Umen is a Tennis Coach, Player and Enthusiast. He is an aspiring entrepreneur with additional interests in volunteering & nonprofits.