This app makes birding easier!

Gone are the days of lugging around glossaries of bird identification info on your bird sighting adventures. Here are the days of smartphone apps that offer the same info — and more!

Birding, or bird-watching, is made much easier with the help of a reference guide. In the digital days, smartphones are offering that valuable insight and information to birders. Recently, apps that provide photo identification of birds have increased in popularity. These apps allow users to snap photos of birds which can then be identified thanks to the app’s database. One app, Merlin Bird ID, is already soaring above the rest.

What makes Merlin Bird ID special?

In addition to photo identification, Merlin also uses AI deep learning and location data to suggest possible matches for birds in your area. The app is packed with loads of information you won’t find in those old reference guides. Users of Merlin can not only see photos of the birds and read descriptions about the species in sight, but also listen to audio clips of the bird’s mating call!



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Aaron Umen

Aaron Umen is a Tennis Coach, Player and Enthusiast. He is an aspiring entrepreneur with additional interests in volunteering & nonprofits.