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To celebrate Novak Djokovic’s birthday, tennis player Aaron Umen shares some highlights of the Serbian tennis superstar’s career (so far, anyway!):

This past Saturday, Novak Djokovic celebrated his 34th birthday. Here’s a quick look at some of the amazing feats Djokovic has already accomplished so far in his 18 years on the Pro court:

Aaron Umen Tennis
Aaron Umen Tennis

82 ATP Singles Titles

These ATP titles include 18 Grand Slam singles, 5 ATP Finals and a 36 ATP Tour Masters 1000 title. (The latter is tied with Rafael Nadal.)

Unique ATP Tour Masters 1000 standing

Novak Djokovic is the only male pro tennis player to win all 9 ATP Tour Masters 1000 tournaments. Not only that, but the Serbian superstar has done so not once: but twice!

Happy birthday, Novak Djokovic!

Western Michigan’s women’s tennis team is wrapping up their season this weekend. The final week of the season will see the Broncos face off against the Toledo Rockets and the Northern Illinois Huskies.

Aaron Umen WMU Broncos
Aaron Umen WMU Broncos

The ‘20-‘21 season has been quite the ride for collegiate tennis teams across the country. For weeks, officials rallied the options before players even had a chance to hit the court. But, sure enough, the sport outfitted itself to meet covid regulations… and the season served right along.

Good news for the Vernon HS tennis team!

A court is at the center of every tennis match — literally. And although practicing on court isn’t always necessary, it certainly feels much more natural in perfecting a tennis player’s form. Unfortunately, at Vernon High School, their homecourt has no nets… But that’s about to change.

Thanks to a generous donation, the Vernon High School tennis team is receiving a major upgrade! Although the team has a home tennis court, it’s completely without nets.. And painted like a football field. Dwindling sports program funding has pushed the tennis team’s needs further and further down the list each year.

Recently, the Vernon High School tennis team traveled to Tallahassee for a major match. …

Rafael Nadal’s legendary uncle, Toni Nadal, has a new job. He’s now coaching tennis upcomer, Felix Auger-Aliassime.

Felix Auger-Aliassime, the second youngest tennis pro with a place on the Association of Tennis Professionals top 25, has casually trained with Toni Nadal in the past. During his time at the Rafael Nadal Academy, the pair worked together. But now, according to official statements made by both parties, Toni is officially signing on as Felix’s coach!

No doubt, the 20-year-old Canadian pro, Felix Auger-Aliassime, has much to gain from Toni Nadal’s coaching. Toni will join Frederic Fontang, who has already been on Felix’s side of the court.

Soon, you too will be able to swing with the success and stamina of living tennis legend, Rafael Nadal! Well, at least, you’ll be able to own a version of the racquet that Nadal has been all but glued to across 20 Grand Slam singles titles and years of wins…

Babolat, a French manufacturer of high quality tennis racquets, has decided to partner up with a familiar swing out on the court. For nearly two decades, Rafael Nadal has sworn by his Babolat Pure Aero. First crafted in 2005, this thick and yet aerodynamic frame is complemented by a wide string pattern. This highlights Nadal’s style exponentially. And now, it can highlight yours — with Rafael Nadal’s signature branding sported on the racquet to motivate your plays!

But it’s not all about Nadal. This racquet is a powerhouse in its own right, which comes as no surprise given its incredible…

Gone are the days of lugging around glossaries of bird identification info on your bird sighting adventures. Here are the days of smartphone apps that offer the same info — and more!

Birding, or bird-watching, is made much easier with the help of a reference guide. In the digital days, smartphones are offering that valuable insight and information to birders. Recently, apps that provide photo identification of birds have increased in popularity. These apps allow users to snap photos of birds which can then be identified thanks to the app’s database. One app, Merlin Bird ID, is already soaring above the rest.

Aaron Umen Birding
Aaron Umen Birding

What makes Merlin Bird ID special?

In addition to photo identification, Merlin also uses AI deep learning and location data to suggest possible matches for birds in your area. The app is packed with loads of…

According to Serena Williams, some of her Grand Slam trophies have gone missing. Surprisingly enough, the legendary tennis star doesn’t seem all that bothered either!

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Serena Williams made a shocking — and yet completely nonchalant — admission. The 23 time Grand Slam winner and tennis ace said that some of her trophies have actually gone missing. Serena suggests that a “house party years ago” could be to blame.

Despite her admission that some of the trophies have gone missing, Serena Williams really doesn’t mind. She expressed that she’s “not really attached to things.” And besides, she explained that the trophies athletes receive at Grand Slams are actually replicas of the real deal anyway…

Serena’s perspective…

No, I’m not talking about the Harley Quinn movie… If you’re still reading this blog post, then here’s some information about birds of prey — from a dedicated World Bird Sanctuary volunteer!

Birds of prey (also known as raptors), are bird species that hunt in order to feed themselves and their offspring. These natural-born hunters are marked by keen eyesight, strong feet and curved beaks. There are many species of birds that are identified as birds of prey, or raptors. Here are a few of the different types of birds of prey:

Aaron Umen Northern Goshawk
Aaron Umen Northern Goshawk

Northern Goshawk

These birds are found dwelling in Canada, mountainous areas of the western United States of America (i.e. Alaska) and the northwestern portion of Mexico.

Unfortunately, World Bird Sanctuary’s much anticipated Eagle Days has been postponed to March 2021. In the meantime, here are five fast fun facts about the fierce and majestic birds of prey:

  1. The bald eagle is the national emblem of the United States of America.
Bald Eagle & American Flag
Bald Eagle & American Flag

Okay, okay… so maybe just about everyone knows this one already! But, it’s still worth mentioning. A symbol of strength and ferocity, the bald eagle has been associated with Americana, officially, since 1782. The bird of prey was chosen for its majestic appearance and it’s symbolic representation of freedom.

2. Eagles have two centers of focus.

A true bird of prey, the bald eagle is fierce, fantastic — and ferociously focused! They are able to see both forward and to the side, simultaneously. …

Fans of Roger Federer have been sent into frenzy after the Swiss tennis pro announced that his beloved ‘RF’ caps are back!

To say Roger Federer is a tennis legend would be a pretty harsh understatement. At this point, he has just about solidified his mark as one of the greatest tennis players of his generation. The Swiss pro has certainly made a name for himself! His career is one to admire, with highlights including 103 titles and 20 grand slam wins. Today, Roger Federer is ranked as the 5th greatest singles player in the sport of tennis. But in 2004, Federer was number 1! For many fans, he’ll always be number one in that department — that’s for sure.

Aaron Umen Roger Federer
Aaron Umen Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s…

Aaron Umen

Aaron Umen is a Tennis Coach, Player and Enthusiast. He is an aspiring entrepreneur with additional interests in volunteering & nonprofits.

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